I am an author, speaker, and blogger. I encourage women to find their identity in Christ Jesus and empower them to live a life the shows it to the world.

Historically I have spoken primarily to young adults and students, however over the past few years God has brought me more into the world of women’s ministry and I am excited to see how He matures that calling in my life. The goal for this blog is to post once a week (usually toward the later part, though not always) **Since having my 3rd baby in January I have discovered a need to extend out my posts for the time being. You can anticipate a post once a month for right now. In the future I am planning on returning back to my once a week posts.** However, I do ask for grace as I am the mom of three littles so there are weeks where time just gets away from me 🙂

Here is what you can expect from me and this blog:

Southern-taught honesty, Holy Spirit-taught grace, and a whole lotta Jesus in everything (and occasional humor, though it’s not always intentional and usually sarcastic).

I am inviting you to share this life with me and I hope you will enjoy my perspective of the journey. I invite you to subscribe to both my email list and the blog. You can also follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Ok, so a little about me personally…


isn’t he handsome y’all? Love him!!!

In the fall of 2005, my roommates and I decided to host a college bible study out of our apartment.  From that small group, three couples were formed and later married, including my husband, Kyle, and I  (you know, every college Bible study’s real underlying goal and dream outcome).

After eight years of marriage we have two beautiful (and crazy) girls (Samara and Aliyah) and our son, Eli Javier, joined the fun January 2016. We are also proud pet parents to one pathetic but adorable hound dog (Snoopy, also referred to as our old man as he is 13 this year!)

kids collage

I am so blessed

Not long after I got married, I began to rediscover my love for words and writing.  While balancing family, work, and volunteering with Student ministry, my writing often took a back burner.  But now, my first book has been published and I’m looking forward to the opportunities will come from that while also working on my next book.


our “old man” Snoopy

I love being a mom and a wife and those will always be my priorities. But I fully believe that God has called me to speak into the lives of women–to encourage and empower them in their identities as daughter’s of God. I don’t belive that God has called me to choose between my family and my ministry and know that He has already equipped me to balance my life in a way that honors Him and the blessings He has given me.


I don’t just want to be just any writer. I want to be a writer who is able to take the wisdom that God grants me and translate it into written word for others to read and apply.  I write about what I see, what I feel.  I write about my life, family, dreams, and beliefs.   I am determined to succeed and, perhaps, change the world–even if it’s just a little.



Words are sacred. They deserve respect. If you get the right ones, in the right order, you can nudge the world a little. -Tom Stoppard

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