getting past the start coverGetting Past the Start is now available!

also available through (if you are interested in a digital copy use this link instead) and Barnes and Noble.


Reviews for Getting Past the Start:

“I loved the book. It had something for anyone no matter where they are in their life and spiritual journey. I enjoyed her life examples and the passion she shows. I definitely recommend this book and looking forward to reading more from her in the future.” ~Laura A.



“Unknowingly, I had built my house upon the sand, and predictably so, about a year ago a small wind blew and my house came crashing down. Fortunately, although my house was gone, I was now standing firmly on the rock of faith, the only thing left standing. The flying debris keeps hitting me but, I remain on the rock. However, I realize I must rebuild the house to prevent the winds from prevailing over me. I was looking for material to rebuild my house stronger this time, but, as I looked around the rock I was afraid to venture out. By a strange coincidence, of course with God we know there are no coincidences, I was introduced to a book by Becca Ramirez “Getting Past The START”; just what I needed to get my re-building started.
Becca’s book helped me to see that although I felt like a complete failure, maybe I really am not, maybe my house falling was what I needed for my life to get back on track with Him. As a teenager I had planned to dedicate my life to serving others; in a way I did that but, not in the way I had planned. Becca’s book discusses the spiritual gifts, the difference between Gods will and our own, putting service before self and most importantly getting started.
Best of all I see potential in “Getting Past the START” for assisting the youth in my church. We also have several ministries in my church that help people get back on track or find their potential. I see this book as a really good teaching tool to help people of all ages to get off the sidelines and into serving others in a meaningful way.” ~Pam P.



“I started reading your book on Sat. evening and finished it Sunday morning. God has truly blessed you with a gift in writing and probably teaching too. It is a book young and old can benefit from–an easy read–meaning the way you express yourself makes one not to put the book down. I will definitely reread it and underline as I read.” ~Dee G.


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