Dream #LikeaMom — Motherhood vs. Ministry

I’m going to be vulnerable with you for a minute. Is that okay? Because I feel that I am probably not the only one going through this right now.

You see, I have a balance struggle that has been tugging me in two directions for the past several months. The problem is that I have two very distinct calls on my life:

  1. Be a mom to two incredible little girls.
  2. Write and speak to encourage and empower women in their identities as daughters of God.

Instinctively, I prioritize my girls above the other because, well, family comes first. But that doesn’t solve my problem. I still long to move forward in the ministry that God has placed on my heart. And I know that this calling—that both of these callings—are from God.

So what do I do?

It's time to dream #LikeaMom

It’s time to dream #LikeaMom

Ladies, I want to encourage you right now…You do not have to choose between motherhood and ministry.

They are two parts to a whole and God has uniquely created you to meet those needs; however that looks in your own life.

I know so many well-intentioned women, godly women, who have sat in a mentor role in my life who glaze over when I begin to tell them my schedule. They start to show signs of anxiety when I tell them that I don’t think I’m doing enough.

“Sweetie,” they say in a grandmotherly tone, “this is just a season! Your babies are only little once. So just take a step back and enjoy the short time you have with them right now. The other will always be there.”

You know what? They aren’t wrong, just wrong for me.

I love my daughters. If you haven’t figured out anything else about me from reading my posts, you’ll know that I adore my family. They are the world to me and always assume a prioritized position in my life.

But this nagging pressure has been laid on my heart and it isn’t going away. I’ve tried. I’ve asked God to take it away for this supposed “season.” I’ve tried to simply ignore it, shove it under the rug or put it up on a shelf until a more “convenient” time (is there ever such a thing?). It won’t go away, and if anything, IT’S GOTTEN STRONGER!

But God is so gracious to put people in my life at just the right moment. I had a wonderful woman speak truth into my heart the other day, letting me know that it’s okay to still pursue dreams outside of the home, even when my children are still little. It’s who I am, how I’ve been uniquely created, and exactly what God wants for me.

I’m not abandoning my children for ministry; I am taking them along with me. I am showing them what it looks like to live out dreams and be obedient to what God has called me to do. Hand in hand, they will get to see that being a mom does not limit their dreams or the timing of their dreams.

So if this is you right now, I want to encourage you to stop beating yourself up. You can still pursue amazing dreams while being a mom. It’s not a limitation, rather an opportunity to live a unique life with your children. They’ll see you take risks and be obedient and serve and love. They’ll see you living a blessed and happy life. And the likely outcome will be that you will raise dreamers and servant-hearted kids that become leaders because they saw you set the example.

Blessings to all the mommas with amazing dreams that God has laid on their hearts. Be bold and step out in faith to pursue those dreams.

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