Finding Balance for Moms

I want to show you what work life looks like for me right now…

Jan-Feb 2016 100

There are only a few precious moments throughout the day where this little guy will lie down on his own (trust me…we’re working on that.) But in the meantime, I want to continue to figure out this balance of wife, mom to littles, and this dream of making a living speaking and writing.

On that note of balance, how many moms have actually achieved it? We continually face pressure to add more, to do more, to be more. From keeping the house clean, to “helping” make the latest project for our kid’s preschool class, to being alert and available for our husbands once they get home from work. We don the hats of wife, mom, taxi driver, coach, teacher, maid, nurse, chef, accountant, cheerleader, pastor…and so many more. All of these roles are important, but are we neglecting that point of identity that is most important? Are we allowing ourselves the time to simply be the daughters of God?

We as moms have done ourselves a disservice. We have taken our God given role and placed its priority above everything else. Above our careers, above our marriages, above ourselves. We allow this beautiful gift to take over our lives and all of a sudden we don’t know who we are outside of our children.

Here is one of the issues with that: when we place all of our worth on our role as mom, that worth is now contingent on whether or not our children behave well and are deemed successful. What happens if your child gets in a fight at school? Are you now a failure? Or if your child drops out of college and moves home until they are thirty because they can’t support themselves? Is that on you or is that on them? What if your child walks away from their faith? Is it your fault because you “should have done more”?

When our worth is based on our children, we have forced them into a position of becoming an idol in our lives. And that’s not fair to them and it’s a lie to every mom out there.

Your worth has nothing to do with your children. You can have an angel child or the worst behaved child that has ever lived—that is not who you are. Who you are has nothing to do with what you do or how the world perceives you. Our worth can never be found in who we are, rather it is solely found in whose we are.

As daughters of God we are sanctified. That simply means that God has seen us, rescued us from our mistakes and shortcomings, and has made us a part of His family. We are made righteous because we are His beloved. We are enough simply because we are His.

So whether you are seeking balance in your life as a working mom, a stay-at-home mom, or a combination of both, your worth can never be found in what you do or how much you accomplish. If you are a daughter of God (and if you have a personal relationship with Him that’s exactly what you are), then your worth is found in Him alone. In finding and accepting that worth we as moms can finally find the balance we have so desperately desired.

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