God Sees you

I love studying the names of God. I find that they give me a new outlet to understanding and growing closer to God. It also allows me to focus my prayers. Elohim is the first name used for God and reflects on God as Creator. As I write and tap into my creative juices—into those little idiosyncrasies that are built into my DNA—I feel drawn to pray to my creator God, Elohim.

Another name for God is El Roi, the God who sees. This unique name is only found once in the Bible and it is spoken by Hagar. Genesis 16 tells of when she runs away from Sarah after becoming pregnant and being on the unfortunate other end of a jealous wife who had yet to see the fulfillment of God’s promise in her own womb.

We find Hagar in the desert, alone and probably scared and dismayed. And God meets her there.

At the point of her despair, God sees her and speaks truth to her heart. At the point where she feels alone, God sees her and lets her know that she has a purpose in this life. God sees her.

We can relate to feeling alone as mommas. Despite the fact that we are NEVER ALONE, our spirit is lonely. Surrounded by little ones who are constantly demanding, it is easy to fall into that point of dismay. But here is the blessed and wonderful truth: God sees us.

He sees us as we force ourselves awake for the fifth time as the baby cries in the middle of the night. He sees us as we change our clothes for the third time before 10 AM due to yet another spit-up (or snotty nose fly by or food flung by the same child who devoured it happily just the night before). He sees us as we pick up the toys strewn around the house, knowing full well they will be back out again and that this job, while somewhat necessary, is completely futile. He sees us when our husbands, in complete ignorance, ask what we’ve done all day, not noticing our need to simply be seen as a woman rather than as mom or even wife for a measly five minutes.

Mommas, HE SEES US!

And what is even more awesome is that we can see Him.


Matthew tells us that blessed are the pure in heart for they will see God (5:8).

The selfless care that is required to be a mom is a recipe for a pure heart (whether you’re “feelin’ it” or not). We as mommas get to witness God in beautiful and amazing ways each and every day. We can see God in the laughter that simply running around draws out of our children. We can see God in their selfless, genuine gifting of flower weeds pulled from the side of the road. We can see God in the peace that overcomes their little faces as they sleep. As they give us a hug, God is giving us a hug.

El Roi sees you today. He sees your weariness and calls you to give him your burdens. He sees your worry and calls you to pray and receive the peace that comes from the Spirit of God. He sees your thoughts of worthlessness and He calls you to remember that nothing created by His hand is worthless and that your purpose expands beyond the day-in-and-day-out mediocrity that weighs you down. Your worth is found in Him and He seeks to show that to you every day—whether through your role as momma, as wife, or simply as His daughter—the daughter of a King who loves her desperately.




inspiration for this post came from The Names of God bible study by Ann Spangler. Image originally posted on Instagram designed on YouVersion Bible app.

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