God’s Character Despite the Circumstances, a word of encouragement for the storm in your life

Are your circumstances keeping you from remembering the character of God?

This photo made available by NASA shows Hurricane Harvey over Texas on Saturday, Aug. 26, 2017, seen from the International Space Station. (Jack Fischer/NASA via AP)

I am a Florida native. I have lived through the process of watching and waiting for hurricanes to decide which route they were going to actually take—praying that it was a lot of build up for nothing. I remember when I was young, knowing that my dad was stressed out, but not really understanding why. As a farmer, he would often board up our house only to head back out to the groves to ensure that everything was secure (as much as he could anyway). I remember lying out in front of my house, marveling as the clouds rotated across the gray-hued sky, the air thick with humidity in the anticipation of the cloud burst that was coming.

These memories are likely true for many who grew up in Florida (and along much of the Atlantic and Gulf coasts).

We all knew the storms on a first name basis: Andrew, Jeanne, Charley, Ivan, Katrina, Sandy, …

We all knew the damage that might be sustained, and what the blue roofs meant even long after the storm had gone on its way.

We all knew how quickly everything could change, from the direction it went, to the speed of the winds, to the size of the swells that engulfed the coastal buildings.

I’m now in Texas, not in harm’s way myself, but only several hours away from the devastation. The rain continues to fall, and the waters continue to rise. People were told they were safe, and then suddenly, they weren’t. They were told the storm was weak, and then suddenly it wasn’t. And it is moving so slowly. Lives are forever changed as a result of Harvey.

It’s easy to allow the loss of life and homes to overshadow the truth that we serve a good God. It’s easy to allow our circumstances to cause us to forget the character of God.

That character which never changes. That character which is continually revealed to us, piece by piece. That character which gives us an anchor for our hope because we can know that we know who God is and what He can do.

I want to encourage you—whether you are in the path of this literal storm, or your own personal storm—that God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Right now, it is hard. I’m not going to diminish just how hard it might be. But God. Keep telling yourself that: BUT GOD. But God is the same LORD who calmed the sea. But God is the same God who caused it to rain for forty days and nights and then placed a bow in the sky to serve as a reminder of His covenant. But God is the same power that overcame the grave so that we could personally know Him.

Remember the character of God despite your circumstances. Find your hope in Him and He will give you peace in the impossible situations. And know that you have a family of believers who are willing to pray with you and for you through every storm you face.

Flooding in downtown Houston.
pic credit: Reuters/C. Tycksen

If you want to give something tangible, please be aware of where you give. Some organizations only send a portion of your donation to the actual relief efforts (the rest goes into their overhead and other expenditures). Here are a couple links I trust for donations (i.e. my money isn’t going toward the CEOs salary or some fundraiser):




One Response to “God’s Character Despite the Circumstances, a word of encouragement for the storm in your life

  • Francine
    4 months ago

    Thank you for sharing this! I know you too, your family faced a time of “But God.” I watched your heart ache, your faith grow, and the miracle of the storm within come to a calm, along with the miraculous healing of your daughter.
    I am blessed by you, your husband, your children and HIS unfailing love that he pours out upon you all as you surrender, trust, and rest in HIM who is worthy.
    Your writings and insight are a blessing. Keep on writing with HIM!