Interruptions or Opportunities?

In light of the attack today, I wanted to post my thoughts.


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I don’t know many people who like to be interrupted. We plug in our headphones to serve as a universal “do not disturb” sign. We pull out our phones and tablets to look busy to avoid conversations (those who knock the current technological generation, don’t look down at us—you did it with books and notepads). It’s just this idea of talking to people we don’t know is, well, intimidating. It takes work and thought. (As every extrovert reading this rolls their eyes and laughs at the introvert’s plight) But I say this with real reason. We may not be big fans of interruption, but a good number of Jesus’ miracles were interruptions. They weren’t on the agenda and the disciples often felt like the people were distracting Jesus from what He should be doing. But isn’t that so God? Jesus didn’t put His head down, avoid contact so that He could get to at least one city without being stopped. He was aware; He was vigilant in recognizing the needs of those He came in contact with—even if it was just the outcast woman who longed for healing enough to touch the cloak of a rabbi.

I’m thinking on this for two reasons. One, as I’m out writing today, a gentleman beside me interrupted me to ask what I was studying. In responding, I had the opportunity to speak with him for a few minutes, share my story about writing, and he was able to offer me an encouraging word. Had I given a curt answer and put my head immediately back down, I would have missed the special encouragement that God had placed on this man’s heart for me. The other reason is because of the horrible devastation that Orlando, Florida is currently experiencing. While I no longer live there, I did for five years. I have a lot of friends who are still there and while I am blessed that they are all safe, there are so many that are not and families who are desperately hurting right now.  I pray that we as believers will be interruptible to the hurting. Even if it doesn’t directly affect us personally, it is imperative that we be the feet of Jesus in these broken moments. Love on one another. Offer support and help where you can, even if it is as seemingly simple as going to donate blood.

To all of you in Orlando, my prayers are with you. I pray for peace beyond all reason and comfort for those who are mourning.

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