My prayer for you

I know after a month-long hiatus, I should apologize for not giving you a heads up. Reality is that while on vacation, even though I brought my computer, I only opened it once. That’s it. In a month, I have written once and it’s been a mixture of anxiety and relief. Taking a break from something you love is both needed and difficult and I pray that my precious readers can understand and appreciate that. So thank you for your grace (and continued following) after a month of nothing. 🙂

luke 21 36

Last Sunday morning, I wasn’t feeling well, so my husband took my daughters to church while I stayed home to rest. Our church was finishing up an incredible series called “Tipping Point.” The entire focus is on the end times prophecies in parallel to the world we are living in today. Since I had missed the past three weeks while in Florida, I spent the morning catching up on the archived messages.

My response to the three sermons I watched was simply this: prayer.

I began praying that I would be counted worthy and stand before the Son of Man (Luke 21:36). But I know my future and I know my heart. I’ve seen my own shortcomings and have first-hand knowledge of my depravity. But I’ve experienced God’s grace and mercy. I know His love and have a confident assurance that my eternity will be with Him.

And at that moment, my heart broke for my children. I began to fervently pray that they will love Jesus and serve Him despite the influences of the society they are growing up in. I wept as I thought that there was even a possibility that my daughters wouldn’t know and experience an eternity surrounded in God’s love. My heart physically ached as I cried out to God on behalf of my precious girls.

How much the Father must ache for His children who choose not to love Him. How many tears He must weep knowing that there are those who are making the choice to blaspheme His name. If my human heart aches at the possibility of my children not having a relationship with God, how much more does our Creator ache for us, knowing who will choose to say yes and who will choose to say no.

I want to be painfully honest with you right now. If you have not chosen Jesus as your Lord and Savior, you are choosing an eternity of agony. Hell is a real place, just as Heaven is real. Jesus was not simply a “good guy” or a “wise prophet.” He was – and is – the Lord of the Universe, and the only way to get to heaven is through a personal relationship with Him. There is no universalism. There is no gray area. This is 100% black and white and I want to implore you to open your heart to Him today.

I am in no way an evangelist outside of the fact that I am a believer in Jesus and I will openly share my faith. I am in no way judging anyone of their past or present choices. Trust me, I’ve made enough poor choices of my own to understand the depth that grace is extended. But I will not falter in stating that Jesus is God, the only way to get to heaven, and that the Bible is the infallible Word of the Living God.

If this post seems more poignant than my others and you find yourself offended, I apologize that I have offended you but I will not apologize for proclaiming what I know to be true.

If you are a believer in Christ, I would love to pray for you. Feel free to share in the comments or to email me any way that I can intercede on your behalf. My goal as a writer and as a speaker is to empower women to know their true identity as daughters of the God of the universe. Ladies, that means that each and every one of us is a princess. Allow your identity in Jesus to empower you to speak boldly to those around you–whether at work, to your own family, or to your neighbors. Proclaim the love of Jesus with confidence. That is my prayer for each and every one of you.

Guys (because I know I have some who follow this blog-which I thank you for BTW), just like the ladies, your true identity can only be found in Christ. Not in your jobs, not in sports, not in your families. Be the leader that God has called each and every one of you to be. Lead by serving those you work with, your families, your friends. Be the love of Christ to those around you.

So that on that day when Jesus returns, that we will “always be counted as worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man.” (Like 21:36)

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