>Rearranging furniture and the case of the missing left shoe


When I was in college, my (now) husband and I happened to live in the same complex. We were all friends between roommates and felt the need to give each other a hard time. This, of course, included pranks.

Shownique (coffee table) ……. M&A furniture by Juan ValldeRuten.

The best prank actually was incurred from my roommates and I moving my (now) husband's car by putting it in neutral and rolling it around the corner. Of course, the figured there was a little redistribution to be had. So, he and 2 of his roommates broke into our apartment (through an open window in one of the rooms) and rearranged all of our furniture and dishes in the kitchen. They tackled each of the rooms, taking every left shoe from one roommate (she LOVES her shoes), cleaned my room (couldn't think of what to do since it was already a mess) and plastered a heart on my other roommates door because she was "saved" from this invasion. To top it off, they left a note (poem) on each of our computers. It was all love and they actually helped move things back, but when we walked into to the "change"…it was a classic! 🙂

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