Why I do what I do

I’m pretty new to this whole career of writing and speaking. And, truthfully, it’s still far enough in its infancy that I’m paying for more than I’m being paid for. But it is a calling and one that I’m trying my best to grow in and improve in. To do that I have gone to conferences, taken courses, attended on-line seminars, bought a multitude of books on the topic, and sought to thoroughly invest in myself and my desired career.

One of the suggestions I have heard from several people is the how and what to post on social media. They have said that it should be focused on your audience, focused on your message. If you were to look at my Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages you may think that I haven’t heard a word that they have said.

A couple examples from Twitter:

This is my life people.

My social media is filled with pictures of my kids, my husband and I on dates, random thoughts related to my pregnancy, etc. Once a week I post a #MondayMorningMotivation to both Instagram and Facebook that is meant to encourage you at the beginning of the week, but even that includes my random input of my drink choice that morning (of which is the focus of the picture). I’ll post quotes that relate to my writing or inspiration I’ve received from other studies I’m in.

Like this example from Instagram:

Those couple things, I feel, directly relate to my mission to “encourage women in their identity as daughters of God and to empower them to live a life that shows that to the world.” But the vast majority is personal. I have a reason. What I am selling is not just my book. It’s me. I’m trying to show you who you would be booking for that women’s conference or MOPS meeting. My goal is to be authentic at all times, and that means that I am going to share with you pieces of my life. My approach to social media will not produce mass following overnight—though don’t I wish it were that easy. My approach is to welcome you into my life like I would a friend. I want to show you that you can trust me. Girl, I am one of you! I am in the trenches of mommy-hood, but God has been gracious to give me certain perspectives that I want to share with you. I wouldn’t consider myself a newlywed anymore, but we are still under the decade mark. I know the struggles and joys that marriage has brought us thus far and I want to share how God continues to grow each of us—even in our mistakes.

My approach is to be authentic so that when I share something with you, you can trust that I’m not just spouting eloquent words to get “likes;” I am sharing my heart with you because I want you to be encouraged and to grow in your identity as a daughter of God. I want you to grab a hold of that identity and run the race with me. We’ll laugh, cry, and grow in wisdom. That’s why I’m still pursuing this thing that, quite frankly is a lot of work for not a lot of payoff right now. But it’s my calling and my heart’s desire. Ladies, I want you to know how desperately you are loved and I want to walk through this life with you.

That’s who I am and that’s why I do what I do. I hope you will continue to join me and invite your friends.

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